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It’s summer time! It’s Wives On Vacation time! Now if there was ever a job designed for scantily clad women, it was washing cars and getting very wet in the process. In fact, up until recently, there was a topless carwash in the USA which was doing massive business – not a dirty car in sight, as one can imagine. I’m lead to believe that the place had to shut down after a number of complaints. Probably from wives worrying that the paintwork on their hubbies’cars had been worn down to the metal. The success of the business was measured by the amount of upholstery shampoo that was sold to male customers leaving the carwash! Personally, I think the way ahead is the topless optician. Y’see, if you had half naked gals wandering around with frames, you could ruin your eyes and have them corrected in the same place. It’s summer time, It’s a Wives On Vacation time, isn’t it?